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Source: Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images/PornHub

Kanye West Has A New Gig With Pornhub And We Have Questions

By Jonna Ivin-Patton

On Thursday, Kanye West participated in the first ever Pornhub Awards acting as co-creative director. Part of his job, which West shared with designer Willo Perron, was to design the award statues. West chose a alien sex toy theme. 

West also used the pornography awards to hawk some wares including a new Yeezy line and new track with Lil Pump. Some of the coveted categories included Top Blowjob Performer, Favorite BBW Model, and Top Squirting Performer. West's wife Kim  Kardashian-West (who rose to fame in her own sex tape) was nominated for Celebrity of the Year to YouTuber turned porn actress Lena the Plug.