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Trump Rally Volunteer Blocking Photographer From Snapping Pictures Of Protester Gets The Meme Treatment 😂

By B. Miller

On Thursday, Associated Press photographer Evan Vucci caught a Trump rally worker—identified only as a "volunteer member of Trump's advance team"—reaching to block a photographer's lens to keep them from taking a photo.

The photographer being blocked tried to take a picture of a protester at Thursday's Trump campaign rally in Evansville, Indiana. 

That protester allegedly interrupted Trump during his speech while he was blasting the media, again, as the "Enemy of the People" and characterizing any coverage showing him in a negative light as "fake news." 

The President recently extended his attacks against anything showing negative content about him to include the search engine at Google. So one of his rally workers trying to block a photo of an anti-Trump protester is pretty on-brand for the current administration.