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Source: @DavidVidecette, @MartinBwater (Twitter)

Picture Of Man On A Mobility Scooter Casually Wrangling A Snake Goes Viral 😳

By B. Miller

South Londoner David Videcette was enjoying his commute along the South Circular in Streatham when he saw something unexpected.

Yes, he saw a man riding a mobility scooter carrying a snake in a choke-hold. Is there any other way to hold a snake? After he posted the photo to his Twitter, Videcette sat down with the Croydon Advertiser to discuss what he saw.

He said:

I'm from south London, and it's full of odd and eclectic characters, you can never really tell what some of them are going to do. But this guy is the king of juxtaposition - fighting with his snake on the south circular as he rode his mobility scooter - I was amazed at it.