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Source: @thebaconator (Instagram)

Old Man Bacon Is A Dog That Always Looks Concerned And Anxious—And He's 2018's Official Mascot

By B. Miller

Old Man Bacon is a Pekingese, Dachshund, Chihuahua mix. The doggo, a rescue, currently resides in Florida with his furever family.

Bacon has taken the internet by storm — specifically on Instagram where he has 14,500 followers. His facial expressions are so human that his parents have dedicated his Instagram to pictures of his hilarious mug along with clever and oh-so-relatable captions.

Some posts of Bacon show him sporting the Monday blues. Others give followers a glimpse of him nursing a hangover. You might also find a picture of him annoyed with a coworker or trying to show off for a pretty pup he saw. Occasionally he'll sport a big, goofy grin about something special.