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Source: Screen Shots (EW Reunion/Dawson's Creek)

Joshua Jackson Now Has A Crying Meme To Rival James Van Der Beek's—And The Competition Is ON 😂

By Vanessa Nix Anthony

Dawson's Creek forever bros James Van Der Beek and Joshua Jackson are going at it hardcore in the ultimate grudge match. No, they're not vying for Joey's affections but for the best ugly crying face meme.

It started when Jackson (formerly Pacey on Dawson's Creek), who's currently starring in Showtime's The Affair, had a recent ugly cry of his own as Cole Lockhart on the set of his new drama. According to Entertainment Weekly, the cringey pic of Jackson's Lockhart crying is from the August 5 episode of The Affair.

Before the internet could call him out on it, Jackson owned his ugly tears, posting his side-by-side with his Creek co-star Van Der Beek saying, "I'm coming for your crown @VanderJames."