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Source: YouTube

British Woman Says Her Vacation In Spain Was Ruined—By Too Many Spanish People 😐

By John Sundholm

Sometimes satire writes itself!

An English retiree, Freda Jackson of Blackburn, UK, is causing an internet firestorm after her ruined vacation in Benidorm, Spain, made headlines. What wrecked her sojourn to the land of the Spaniards? All the Spaniards, apparently!

Right from the start, the trip was a bit of a "cock-up," as the Brits say, through no fault of Jackson’s own. First, Thomas Cook, the travel agency that booked for Jackson, 81 and her friend, 61, had to change their flights, but neglected to notify the women until the last minute. 

“Due to a system error Ms Jackson was not informed of a change to her flights until six days before departure,” said a Thomas Cook spokesperson.