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Source: Alyssa Milano, Oliver Contreras - Pool/Getty Images

Alyssa Milano's 6-Year-Old Son Has A Theory About Unicorns And Trump That Needs To Be True

By Erica Diaz

Politics is a confusing subject for kids, particularly when they're at a young enough age where fantasy and reality can overlap and still make sense to them. Alyssa Milano's son is six, so he's still young enough to believe in things that most adults have let go of — like unicorns. 

The fact that the little guy hasn't seen any unicorns doesn't matter. Kid brains are great at picking up buzzwords and general concepts, and then inventing entire stories out of the bits and pieces they collect. It's the reason I was convinced that the moon followed me, personally, until I was almost ten years old. I mean, I was a princess and the moon was just always there when I looked into the sky, so clearly it was in love with me and followed me everywhere. Kid logic is the best.  

So what is Milano's son's pieced-together theory about why he doesn't see any unicorns?  

He thinks Donald Trump has banned unicorns and deported them all to North Korea.