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Source: Screengrab

Twitter User Points Out The Similarities Between 'Star Wars' And 'The Emperor's New Groove'—And She Has A Point

By Dennis Matthew Livesey

Film studios these days seem to be stuck in a loop where almost every movie coming out is either a franchise, a spin-off or a remake of something else. It's no mystery why — modernized versions of classic hits are safe money in the bank for studios in the increasingly competitive entertainment market.

Audiences, however, seem to be wising up and demanding more than the latest half-baked remake or franchise installment, and the Star Wars franchise is a perfect example of this. Despite big box office returns, many of the prequels, sequels, and spin-offs have failed to live up to the legacy of the original trilogy, and audiences are taking notice. 

Twitter user @bb_kate_art had an idea for the next chapter in the Star Wars universe, one that might give the franchise its groove back. 

Crazy, right? But there are already a striking number of similarities between the two stories.