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Adult Film Star's Response To Getting Unsolicited Dick Pics Is Pure Genius 😂

By John Sundholm

Unsolicited dick pics: one of American straight men’s most cherished pastimes.  

Nevermind that there is, of course, a literal entire internet FULL of women shouting from their deepest hearts "PLEASE STOP SENDING UNSOLICITED DICK PICS TO US THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH ALL OF YOU WE’VE BEEN SCREAMING THIS FOR YEARS." 

Nonetheless, the unsolicited dick pics—like taxes, like tides, like time itself—continue unabated, with a frequency and predictability that is frankly alarming. Straight men are nothing if not persistent!

But this trend of phallic phuckboi phoolishness might have met its match, and her name is Ginger Banks

Banks is an adult entertainer, so you can imagine how many of these unsolicited pictures arrive in her various DMs day after day (the mind reels). Banks has decided she's had quite enough, thank you, and she's going to fight back. 

Her method? Well, it's nothing short of a "stroke" of genius: