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Source: Getty Images

Luxury Chicken Diapers Are Now A Thing--Yep, You Heard That Right

By B. Miller

Over the last several years, society has seen a dramatic shift in how people view their food, and in turn, farm animals. 

This movement has hatched a new fad of backyard poultry farming. According to American Veterinarian, poultry hatcheries as well as feed and pet stores have reported a steady increase in sales. 

The United States Departments of of Agriculture conducted a study in 2013 showing that nearly 1% of homes in the cities of Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City owned chickens. The same study found that nearly 4% of households in the same cities planned to have chickens in the next 4 years. If this prediction came true, those statistics should be accurate today. 

And in certain urban areas, such as the Silicon Valley, raising chickens has become a status symbol.