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Source: YouTube

Police And Firefighters Across The Country Are Slaying The Summer Lip Sync Challenge

By Dana Levinson

Being part of a police or fire department is serious business. It's a career path that puts many in harm's way every day. Perhaps that's why we all love it when they lighten up with a good lip sync challenge.

From coast to coast this summer, cops and firefighters have been dazzling us with their lip syncing skills. 

It started when Deputy Alexander Mena of the Bexar County Police Department in Texas posted this video of himself lip syncing to "Fuiste Mala" by the Los Kumbia Kings.

Skilled Lip Syncing Deputy Bexar County Sheriff's Office Recruiting Deputy Mena may not have the singing skills of some of our other talented Deputies however, he’s got a mean lip sync not many can beat #BCSODeputyskills #BCSO #BCSODeputy #BCSObilingual #ChooseToBecomeOne #210335JOBS GRUPO INTOCABLE Los Kumbia Kings KXTN Ellen DeGeneres

Posted by Bexar County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Then Bexar challenged San Antonio, who challenged others and the next thing we knew, we had a wave of these joyful videos. Some of our favorites can be seen below.

The police in Hampton, Virginia, definitely upped the production value with this version of "Good Vibrations":