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Source: Getty Images

Article Claims Millennials Can't Afford Houses Because Of Bachelor Parties—And Millennials Clap Back Hard

By Dana Levinson

Ah, millennials... everyone's favorite scapegoat. Remember that time someone said that we couldn't afford houses because we were buying too much Avocado Toast? No? Well, then perhaps you remember the litany of articles accusing us of killing everything from soap to the beer industry. We've also apparently killed department stores, golf, lunch, college football, fabric softener and light yogurt, among other things.

Well, now people are once again fixated on the fact that millennials just aren't buying houses. Could it be that costs have skyrocketed while wages have stagnated? Could it be that millennials are the least likely to be able to find work upon graduating college? Could it be an economy that was trashed by the baby boomers who have left behind almost no social safety net for the younger generation? Absolutely not. The culprit is obviously... bachelor parties. At least according to this article from Today.

In it, they state...

"Dropping a thousand bucks on a bachelorette party trip here and there might not sound like a lot in the heat of the moment. But it can definitely hurt when you realize all that spending can seriously impact your ability to afford a down payment on a house."

Of course this is assuming that someone is spending thousands on a bachelor party, which most don't, in lieu of plunging themselves into debt by buying a 30-year mortgage.

Needless to say, people called out the fact that no one wants to acknowledge the real reason millennials aren't buying houses...