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Source: Screenshot Fallon and Cruise YouTube

Tom Cruise And Jimmy Fallon Have A Hard Time Making It Through This Spy Skit Without Breaking ๐Ÿ˜‚

By Vanessa Nix Anthony

When Tom Cruise and Jimmy Fallon come together the results are always epic, and Monday night's Mad Libs Spy Sketch on The Tonight Show was no exception. 

Cruise came on The Tonight Show to talk about his new movie, Mission Impossible: Fallout. As with most guests, Fallon not only interviewed Cruise, but had Cruise help him out in a popular segment.

In a set of scenes that turned out to be a gigglefest for the duo, Fallon and Cruise first wrote the script for a "very dramatic" scene using "Mad Libs," before heading over to a set made to look like the interior of a train car, where Cruise and Fallon tried desperately not to crack each other up (they failed) as they acted out their intensely silly spy scene.

Both segments were equally funny as Cruise's answers to the Mad Libs fill-in-the-blanks were ridiculously off-kilter. Things we learned about Cruise through this revelatory psychological exerciseโ€”Cruise is fairly obsessed with women named Ingrid, and he welcomes spiders to his lap with the phrase, "Come here, darlin'." 

All of which made the ensuing scene that much more hysterical for Fallon and Cruise, as well as the in-studio and home audiences. Watch for yourself:

Both men seemed pretty pleased with the outcome, hyping the skit on their individual Twitter accounts: