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Source: Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Sassy Young Fan Has An Epic Clapback For Ryan Reynolds During 'Deadpool 2' Comic-Con Panel 🔥

By Vanessa Nix Anthony

Apparently no amount of stardom or cult-like fandom can shield you from the sting of a salty young girl putting you in your place. That's what Ryan Reynolds found out at the Deadpool 2 panel at San Diego's Comic-Con on Saturday. 

During the Q & A portion, throughout which Reynolds joked around with fans, a 10-year-old girl dressed in a Deadpool sheath and a red and white cap showed her anti-hero that she'd been taking notes from the "merc with the mouth." 

After watching Reynolds play with fan questions, this young sass machine was not about to let it happen to her.

Steeling herself for Reynolds' sarcasm, the barely tween began her question with a lead up:

My question’s for Ryan but the other cast members can answer as well...

...before Reynolds cut her off with:

Oh, shit. Something’s coming I can see it. which she clapped back with a quick and snarky:

  Um ... if you’ll let me finish. 

and followed her retort with a nervous giggle.