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Source: Twitter: @finkelbaripie

Rat That 'Looks Like A Zombie' Climbs Out Of NYC Couple's Bathroom Sink—And It's Peak 2018

By Mark LoProto

A New York City couple just figured out first-hand why sinks come with those stoppers. It’s less about plugging the drain to fill the sink with water and more to keep ungodly creatures from climbing up through your pipes.

While enjoying some bathroom time, Bari Finkel’s boyfriend spotted something amiss in their stopperless sink. When he realized what it was, he was audible in his surprise, drawing Bari's attention.

“I looked over and saw this small creature just emerging from the drain,” she explained after checking in on your beau. “It was just so insane I couldn’t not laugh.” 

Crawling from their drain, which has no stopper due to slow drain issues, was what Finkel described as a “rat baby.” “It looked like a zombie coming out of the grave,” Finkel recalled.