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Source: Tetra Images - Mark Edward Atkinson

Woman Exacts The Best Revenge After Getting Unsolicited Advice On How To Parent Her Twins 🔥

By Aimee Lutkin

Probably every mom has experienced this: you're out with your kids, and they're having a day. One's crying, the other is kicking a rock at a duck, you've dropped the bag with the eggs in it. Life gets overwhelming sometimes. Then all of a sudden some busybody comes on over to tell you the reason your kids are overstimulated is that they're wearing too much red, or something ridiculous. 

And they don't have a kid of their own anywhere in sight!

Unsolicited parenting advice is never welcome, but it does seem to crop up at the worst possible moment most of the time. A Reddit user named u/crou87 posted in a subreddit dedicated to "malicious compliance," and shared a story that perfectly encapsulates this phenomenon. Only this time, she had her revenge. Oh, yes.

She wrote that she had to go to the doctor's office and brought her 15-month-old twins. Crou87 knew this was going to be a challenge, saying, "These kiddos do not enjoy being cooped up in a stroller but letting them wander around isn't an option since they both will immediately bolt in opposite directions."

Luckily, she's developed a number of strategies for dealing with them, you know, since she's their mother:

In preparation for having to wait a while and wanting to be considerate of the others who were in waiting room purgatory with me, I packed the diaperbag full of endless snacks and sippy cups. 

Sure enough, 5 minutes in they lose their minds, so I instantly start giving them snacks and also walking back and forth in the very, very large waiting room. 

I am at the back area and not even close to being in anyone's way and as long as I am pacing, the beasties will quietly munch away on their cheerios.