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Source: Jeff Greenberg / Contributor, Facebook: GabeEverdeen

Subway Worker Crushes A Vegan's Soul After Informing Her That Mayo Isn't Actually Vegan 😬

By Mark LoProto

If sticking to your convictions meant giving up a food you love, could you do it? One woman wasn’t quite strong enough to hold her ground as a vegan when it came to a beloved egg-based condiment.

In a post on Facebook, Subway worker Gabriel Caulfield-Bohlken shared a story about a vegan customer who wasn’t quite as vegan as she thought. Gabriel reveals how, one day at work, an unidentified vegan woman came into the sandwich chain and requested a simple-enough concoction of veggies and toasted bread.

Source: Jeff Greenberg / Contributor, Facebook: GabeEverdeen