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Source: Twitter

Woman's Tinder Profile Becomes A Hotbed Of Controversy Thanks To Toilet Paper

By Koh Mochizuki

There's never a dull moment while we navigate through the unpredictable world of dating apps. Based on a profile picture alone, you're either bound to get flattering compliments or suggestions on how to live your life.

Hana Michels was subjected to the latter after posting her profile photo on Tinder where she was panned by 23 men who saw something objectionable.

In the photo, Michels offered a glimpse of her playful side by posing in a shower cap while going through her morning regimen of brushing her teeth. But instead of commenting on the surprised expression on her face, Tinder users fixated on the offensive toilet paper loaded upside down in the background.

After tweeting about the reactions to the toilet paper, the thread was quickly on a roll.