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Source: Twitter: dalecheesman4

Grandma's 'Patriotic' 4th Of July Shirt She's Worn For Decades Turns Out To Be The Flag Of A Different Country 😂

By Mark LoProto

Poor granny. All she wanted to do was show her love and support for her country on its birthday. 

Unfortunately, for 25 years she’s been wearing the wrong shirt to do so.

Dale Cheesman took to Twitter on July 2, 2018 to talk about his grandma, a patriotic woman who for a quarter-of-a-century wore the same flag t-shirt on the United States of America's Independence Day.

The problem? It’s been the wrong flag.

As Dale points out, while watching the World Cup, the family suddenly recognized the flag his grandma has been sporting. It's the flag of the Central American country of Panama.