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Source: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The List Of Foods Meghan Markle Can't Eat As A Royal Has Our Taste Buds Weeping

By Collin Gossel

Being a princess isn't all fun and games. In fact, there's a relatively small slice of fun and games compared to never-ending work it takes to live the life of a British royal. From the innumerable photo shoots to an inescapable press escort, being royalty isn't always as enjoyable as it's cracked up to be. And Express, a British newspaper, recently revealed that becoming a princess meant that Meghan Markle had to give up several foods most of us hold dear.

When you're a member of the British Royal Family the Queen gets to decide what's on the menu, and there's one ingredient the Queen absolutely isn't going to serve: garlic. This is probably an especially harsh blow to Markle, who told Today earlier this year that her favorite food is "Filipino-style chicken adobo."