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Source: Twitter: @AngryManTV

Man's 4-Year-Old Daughter Totally Tries To Bust Him In Front Of His Wife 😂

By Mark LoProto

Kids say the darndest things! Like how a man’s 4-year-old daughter nearly ruined his marriage by outing him for having a bra in his car. It was like any ordinary day when Twitter user @AngryManTV’s daughter went to his wife and asked “Why is your bra in daddy’s car?”

Now that's never something a woman wants to hear, especially if she hasn’t been in his car in weeks. Granted, he could just be expressing himself, but based on the “killer side eye” his wife gave him, that wasn’t her concern.

When the child insisted there was a bra despite @AngryManTV’s protests, they all went to the garage to see what she was talking about. And just like that, all was right in the world again. What the daughter thought was a bra, or the “cup thingie with straps,” turned out to be a inhalation mask.