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Source: Courtesy of @JessMcGuire/Twitter

These Questionable Life Hacks Printed In Magazines Have The Internet LOLing 😂

By Vanessa Nix Anthony

Australian Writer, Broadcaster and MC Jess McGuire (@jessmcguire) posted a hilarious collection of some of the funniest down home life hacks ever to be printed in a women's magazine on Twitter Monday.

They range from using feminine hygiene products in the most interesting of ways to using hard boiled eggs as hand warmers (we actually like this one!). 

McGuire who used to broadcast on 102.7 RRR in Melbourne, first found the kooky tips while working on the RRR morning radio show, The Breakfasters (2010-2012) and was sharing them on Twitter with user and fellow writer, Benjamin Law (@mrbenjaminlaw) when they quickly went viral:

What followed had the Twittersphere in stitches—everything from the hot hand warming tips: