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Source: Courtesy of @JulsMadison/Twitter

This Cat Decides To Take Whiff Of A Salt And Vinegar Chip—And Regrets It Instantly 😂

By Vanessa Nix Anthony

Our lives are filled with firsts. Your first word, your first step, your first kiss, your first dance, and your first love—so many firsts, there are too many to name. 

They include many seemingly monotonous things like the first time you sweep a floor or fold your clothes or take out the trash and those little innocuous life moments that, though eye opening, you may forget to log in your memory books. 

One such first is your first taste of the shockingly tart, crisp, and salty goodness that IS salt and vinegar potato chips. Apparently, no one is immune—even children and pets crumble in the face of such a challenge to their tastebuds. 

But one cat's palate is even more sensitive. One brave cat, can barely keep itself from honking in the face of such a chip—and not from a first bite but rather from a mere first whiff.

That cat belongs to Julianna: