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Source: Kaylyn Marie and Sam/YouTube

Woman Gets Locked Out Of Her House Until Her Genius Dog Opens The Door For Her 🐶

By Vanessa Nix Anthony

We've all had that moment of panic when we realize we've locked our keys in our house or car and locked ourselves out! But when quick-thinking Facebook user, Kaylyn Marie found herself locked out, she lit on a brilliant idea that would land her back in her house in record time—all she needed was a little help from a canine friend. 

Luckily, her fur baby turns out to not only be a genius but also a willing participant in her scheme to get back inside. And equally as lucky, Kaylyn had her phone with her and was able to document all the pet loving action.

In the video below, it appears that like many, Kaylyn Marie secures her sliding back patio door by wedging an old broomstick handle in the door track to keep would-be home invaders out. As she went out the door, closing it behind her, the stick fell back down into the track, effectively barring Kaylyn Marie's reentry. 

Kaylyn can be heard describing her frustrating circumstances in a video that has now gone viral:

There's like a wooden rod! And I need him to take it outta there because it freakin' slipped back in.

She can then be seen coaching her best pal, Sam (by all appearances, a yellow lab) into first pawing at, and then finally retrieving the rod from the track with his mouth. In the end, it's all proud pup prance as Sam parades around with the stick while Kaylyn praises his heroic actions. 

"You're such a good boy," she says. "You saved me!" 

It's at this point that Sam decides a new chew stick is order and does what any industrious dog who just saved his owner would do, he settles down to chew up the offending rod. 

You can watch for yourself below: