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Source: Twitter: @jacksfilms, Twitter: @Owlgirl17

A Request For People To Photoshop A Honeymoon Photo Yielded Some Creative Results 😂

By Mark LoProto

YouTube star Jack Douglass, best known for his channel jacksfilms, recently tied the knot with his fiance, Erin, and took the opportunity to give his fans a project. In a tweet of a picture from his honeymoon, Jack provided a transparent .png image of he and his beau and coyly suggested people use it to their creative hearts’ content.

 The response was as expected - a flurry of photoshopped images, some with a simple background replacement, others with a little more creativity and skill thrown in. For instance, one submission sent Jack and Erin on a trek to the Eye of Sauron while another gave Erin the “Thanos treatment.”