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Source: Copyright owned by Ted Odell Robinson

Rude Woman Refuses To Let Couple Sit Together On The Bus—And They Make Her Regret It 😂

By Jonna Ivin-Patton

Beverly and Ted Odell Robinson were returning from a trip to Arizona when they came across a rude woman on the shuttle from the car rental to the airport. The couple sat down and recorded a hysterical video about what happened. The video has since gone viral, and we can see why. It's hard not to laugh along as the couple takes turns telling the story.

The Robinsons were returning home to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, after celebrating their 37-year wedding anniversary. They had just dropped off their rental car and stepped onto the shuttle. There were two empty seats but a woman was sitting between them. When they asked her if they could sit together, she simply motioned from side to side, indicating she wouldn't be sliding over.

That's when the fun began.