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That Russian Journalist Who Faked His Death For A Day Has Inspired Some Death-Defying Memes

By Mark LoProto

For one day, the family and friends of Arkady Babchenko were led to believe that the Russian journalist had been the victim of an assassination. 

In Russia, it’s not a far-fetched idea so nobody thought to question it. Within 24-hours, they received the shock of a lifetime when Babchenko appeared in a press conference, alive and well.

Apparently, the journalist worked with Ukrainian authorities to expose an assassination plot against him. The 41-year-old is often critical of the Kremlin which, in Russia, can be a death sentence. 

To increase the realism of Babchenko’s faked assassination, the journalist was forced to keep away from family and friends. As expected, his miraculous return was met with a mixture of shock, joy and anger.