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Source: Screenshot Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth And His Kids Rocked Out To Miley Cyrus—And The Internet Exploded

By Jonna Ivin-Patton

When your brother breaks up with his fiance and she records a song about their relationship, then they get back to together, it makes perfect sense to dance to the breakup song and post it on the internet, right? 

Sounds like it's all good fun to us. 

Chris Hemsworth, star of Thor, posted a video dancing to the Miley Cyrus hit song, Wrecking Ball with his children acting as backup dancers. Cyrus is currently engaged to Chris' brother Liam Hemsworth. 

In the video Chris dramatically lip syncs to the famous breakup song about his brother, while falling to the ground and being attacked by his dog. 

This is one tight knit group.