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This Disappointing 'Expectation vs. Reality' Photo Of Hotel Pool Is Straight Up Ridiculous

By Mark LoProto

Clever camera work can turn a garbage heap into a tropical destination vacation. As Jenny Kershaw found out on her Vietnam visit, shooting from the right angles can mean everything. 

Prior to arriving at the Mari Gold Hotel & Apartment in Da Nang, Vietnam, Kershaw did what every traveler would - she scrolled through the photos of her intended hotel. What she found was what looked to be a crystal blue infinity pool with incredible cityscape views. When she arrived, she definitely had a city view - but as for that sparkling pool? Not so much.

The murky tub of water is far from what anyone would expect from a luxurious hotel pool, topped off with a small metal ladder as its only entry and exit. It’s difficult to gauge depth from the image, but it can’t be any more than three-feet at its deepest - and that may be generous.