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Source: NBC

People Are Still Debating The Ending Of 'Seinfeld' 20 Years After The Finale Aired

By Mark LoProto

On May 14, 1998, 76 million viewers sat down to watch the finale episode of Seinfeld. Twenty years later, and those 76 million viewers are still debating the polarizing conclusion to one of the 90’s most popular sitcoms.

Known for being a show that didn’t typically follow the normal tropes of television sitcoms, the final episode of Seinfeld abruptly ended the series without any real resolution. The two-part episode saw the quartet on trial for breaking the “Good Samaritan Law” of Latham, Massachusetts and was less about providing viewers with closure. Instead, the show wanted to celebrate its nine seasons of debauchery and nothingness by recapping some of its greater moments in a most unique way.