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Source: Screenshot/People's Daily China

This Dog Waits Patiently At The Subway For 12 Hours Every Day Until His Owner Comes Home

By Vanessa Nix Anthony

Lending new credence to the notion of "man's best friend," a dog named Xiongxiong waits for 12 hours every day outside of a subway station in southwest China for his owner to return from work. The unnamed owner acquired the loyal pooch 7-8 years ago and says the 15-year-old dog has waited for him every day since. 

Now, the patient pet has garnered a bit of a following online, with some internet users even making the trek to China just to see him.  

One local resident was quoted as stating: 

   He's well behaved and never eats anything given to him by others. The dog just stays here and waits for him. It always gets extremely excited when it see its owner return each day. 

You can see for yourself:

Below is a video of Xiongxiong waiting for his owner. 

(Note: Sensitive viewers should be aware that though the video is fun and light, comments in the video's Twitter feed contain graphic images posted by animal activists—see note at the end of this piece about China's problem with animal cruelty.)