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Source: Screenshot SNL/YouTube

SNL's Send Up Of 'Les Mis' After Someone Orders Lobster In A Diner Is Delightfully Bizarre

By Vanessa Nix Anthony

Who would have thought that a lobster-themed send up of Les Misérables would strike such a chord with viewers? 

Nevertheless, Twitter is gushing over the bizarre juxtaposition of pricey crustaceans and musical tales of the downtrodden from early 19th-century France that was this weekend's expectation-defying skit on Saturday Night Live.

Perhaps the mastermind behind the outlandishly lovely parody was stand-up comedian, actor, and former Saturday Night Live writer John Mulaney. Returning to host the show this Saturday, Mulaney joined a short list of writers—Conan O'Brien and Larry David—who have hosted SNL but were never promoted to cast member status. 

Whoever wrote it, it's a must see for the uninitiated. 

Brace yourself. Here's it is:

Commenters didn't hesitate to express their love for the preposterous spoof: