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Source: Saturday Night Live

Bill Hader Comes Clean About That Whispered Moment with John Mulaney During His Stefon ‘SNL’ Sketch

By Alex Maxx

Sometimes someone can hold in their laughter and wait until the cameras turn off. But other times, even a total professional has to let it out. Take Bill Hader, for example. Seasoned star on Saturday Night Live, Hader has been making appearances on the show for more than eight years now – but once in a while, he breaks character. 

It doesn't help when someone he is sharing the screen with sends him into a full-blown laughing fit. 

Returning to host SNL this past weekend for the second time in five years, a lot of people couldn't be more excited, but others wondered what made him break character during a sketch as his well-known, beloved character Stefon. 

“John Mulaney writes Stefon and is our dear friend, and he came out as Stefon’s lawyer…. As well as a ‘conceptual piss artist.' And he whispered in my ear to make me laugh, ‘My girlfriend works at Yoshinoya Beef Bowl,’ which is a restaurant chain in L.A.” Hader recounted, cracking up while re-telling the tale. 

People didn't seem to mind that he broke character for a brief moment. In fact, some regard it as one of the funniest and most candid moments the show has seen in a long time: