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Source: Twitter

Woman's Improvised Song About Being Alone On A Train Takes An Embarrassing Turn 😂

By Erica Diaz

Those of us who live in, or are from, larger cities just read this headline and went "what's wrong with that train?" because we understand the chances of getting a train to yourself is pretty much absolute zero. We have rules about this sort of thing. If the train is empty - it's empty for a reason and you probably don't want to know what that reason is. If the whole train is full except for one car - you extra super double do not want to be in that car, or anywhere near that car. Know what? Maybe skip that whole train because whoever or whatever is in that car might just decide to go exploring the others. 

If you're not from the city, it's possible you may not know these things and so it might be hard for you to understand the unbridled song-inducing SHEER PALPABLE JOY that this woman is feeling. An empty train without something catastrophically wrong is a gift that the heavens never bestow upon most people. 

Stevie Shale is a lucky woman and she knows it. She's feeling like this: 

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