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Source: Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Jennifer Lawrence Just Opened Up About Casual Sex And STDs

By Jonna Ivin-Patton

While on a press tour for her new movie, Red Sparrow, actress Jennifer Lawrence brought some real talk to an interview with Howard Stern. Lawrence was discussing the difference between the game she talks and the reality she walks when it comes to sex.

I'm like all bark and no bite. I always talk like I want dick, but the truth is when I look back at my sexual life it's always been with boyfriends. I talk like I like it, but I don’t really do it.

The Hunger Games star made it clear she's not a fan of causal sex:

I am also a germaphobe. I have made it this far without an STD. Dick is dangerous. If I'm at the point where I could get an STD, doctors have already been involved. That's how much of a germaphobe I am.