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Source: Twitter

People Are Sharing Their Cringiest Celebrity Encounters, And We Can Barely Handle Them

By Erica Diaz

We live in a society that holds celebrities up as some kind of pinnacle of perfection and awesomeness. We almost never see them undone or anywhere other than events, so it can be easy to forget that they're just people like us (okay not like us, but still people.)

Every now and then, we "regular" people come into direct contact with a celeb - and most of the time it's a completely uneventful moment. Smile, wave, maybe a selfie and that's it. Everyone goes about their day, maybe you get a cool story out of the encounter. Sometimes, though, it's a total awkward cringefest that has us wondering why life is even like this. Why are celebs like this? Why are we like this? 

Like... WHY, though?

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