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Source: Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS

Chrissy Teigen Explains How She And John Legend Came Up With Baby Luna's Name

By Erica Diaz

Chrissy Teigen is pretty well known for her quick wit and sense of humor, so the public really wasn't surprised that her time on Ellen was hilarious. Teigen, who is pregnant with her second child, talked about how she and John Legend came up with the name for their first baby, and the struggles of naming baby #2. 

Luna's name came easily, but with baby #2 the struggle is so real.

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So how did Luna get her name? A blood moon, apparently. Chrissy loves space and was so impressed by a big beautiful blood moon before Luna was born that she ran with the name to honor the event. 

When it comes to her newest baby, a little boy due in June, she's kind of stumped. 

Boy names are really tough! I don't even think he'll have a middle name because we can't even think of a first name.