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Source: Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Massachusetts Congressman Forced To Wear Eagles Helmet To Hearing After Losing A Bet

By Collin Gossel

Part of us never grows up, even if you're in Congress. Representatives Bob Brady (D-PA) and Michael Capuano (D-MA), for instance, made a bet that played out exactly like it would in junior high. The pair, natives of Philadelphia and Boston, respectively, had a vested interest in the outcome of the Eagles vs. Patriots Super Bowl. They decided to make a bet: whoever's team lost had to go about their congressional duties wearing a football helmet supporting the winner's team.

Representative Capuano got the raw end of the bargain:

As per the terms of their agreement, Rep. Capuano had to wear the Eagles helmet during a meeting of the House Committee on Financial Services. 

Upon seeing the pictures, many Twitter users immediately understood the situation: