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Source: DFID/Flickr

British Politician Promptly Resigns After Being Late For Chamber—And It Seems A Bit Extreme

By Collin Gossel

Everyone's late to work from time to time. Although the bosses always say "not to let it happen again" and the late party feels a bit of guilt, the incident is usually forgotten by lunch and everyone moves on with their responsibilities. British politician Lord Bates, however, takes tardiness a bit more seriously. On Wednesday, January 31st, the International Development Minister was not in his place for an oral question from another member of the legislature. Saying he was "thoroughly ashamed" for not rising to the "highest possible standards," Bates offered his resignation and walked out of the House of Lords.

His announcement was immediately met with cries of "No!" from the entire assembly. There were also some small laughs as Lord Bates quickly exited the room.