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Source: Demi Lovato, Sorry Not Sorry/YouTube

Tyler Oakley Has Uncovered Demi Lovato's Secret Romance Strategy—And We Say Get It Girl

By Vanessa Nix Anthony

The king of all nice YouTubers, Tyler Oakley just put pop star, Demi Lovato's secret seduction strategy (or maybe not so secret -- it IS all happening on Insta after all) on Twitter's proverbial front street. 

And the thing is, nobody's mad at it because he did it so giddily that everyone is just celebrating Ms. Lovato's targeted technique for baiting that hook right along with him.

Now, watch closely because Lovato's Insta game is tight. This is how it all broke down: 

First, it appeared she started following Henry "Superman" Cavill's Instagram, where his sexy mustache is now in full effect.