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Source: Gabe Ginsburg/Getty Images

Sean Hannity Predictably Blames 'Deep State' For Twitter Account Being Down—And We Can't Even

By Collin Gossel

For better or worse, Fox's Sean Hannity is back on Twitter. For several hours in the early morning of Saturday, January 27, his account was deactivated after Hannity sent a cryptic post that read "Form Submission 1649." While Hannity was off Twitter, his far-right base began formulating conspiracy theories as to why his account was shut down. In an unsurprising turn of events, it turns out Hannity was doing the same thing. When he returned, the most-watched host on Fox News blamed the "deep state" for his disappearance, and teased more information to come on his television show.

Conspiracy theories ran rampant during Hannity's disappearance, thanks to figures such as InfoWars host Alex Jones.