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Source: Getty Images

Video Of Fiona The Hippo Celebrating Her First Birthday Takes Internet By Storm

By Dana Levinson

Fiona the hippo was born in January of 2017, six weeks premature. At the time, she weighed only 29 pounds, which, for the record, is quite small for a baby hippo.

According to Mashable...

"She is more than a cute baby animal (although she is certainly queen of that category). She's a success story that wasn't always a sure thing. And her survival is the result of intuitive, amazing round-the-clock care from her keepers — as well as some kind of Fiona-specific tenacity that she probably stores in her ears."

This is also not her first brush with internet fame.

On October 8th, 2017, she managed to photobomb this couple's engagement photos...

Source: Hayley Roll/Instagram

So! In honor of Fiona's first birthday this Wednesday, as well as her survival story, the Cincinnati Zoo posted a Facebook live video detailing her special day...