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Source: Photo by Jeff Hahne/Getty Images

British Singer Dodie Clark Claims Americans Talk In Elevators—And Ignites A Passionate Debate

By Erica Diaz

British singer Dodie Clark accidentally started an international incident recently with a tweet sharing an observation about the difference between British manners and American. There are tons of differences between the Brits and their plucky renegade American cousins, but this one set Twitter aflame. 

Check it out.

Source: Twitter

Elevator small-talk is a hot button issue here in the states already. Some people would rather you just pee on them than talk to them, others look at everyone in an elevator as their new BFF for 35-45 seconds. The brits, however, seem to have an across-the-board-disdain for that sort of thing. Either way, things got heated. 

First there was the shocked and horrified crew.