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Source: Photo by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Taco Bell

Drunk Man Tries To Order Burrito From Bank Drive-Thru—And We've All Been There

By Erica Diaz

It's been a while since we reported on the activities of Florida Man, everyone's favorite imaginary headline anti-hero (he's like our Deadpool, honestly) and WOW has he been busy. He's been so busy he decided to unwind with a few drinks and go get some Taco Bell this past weekend. We can all relate. Sometimes, you just need a beer and a burrito, or a shot and some soft tacos, a cocktail and  a crunch-wrap, ya know? 

The problem is that Florida Man is terrible at moderation and maybe pre-gamed his burrito a little hard, if this headline is to be believed. Evidently he got drunk and drove to "Taco Bell" then passed out in the line at the drive-thru window. When the manager knocked on it to wake him up, he went ahead and ordered his burrito. Except he wasn't at Taco Bell, he had driven to a bank mistaking it for the chain Mexican restaurant. Oops.

Source: Twitter

Twitter... well... wasn't at all surprised that this headline is Florida Man's doing.