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Source: Lilly Singh/YouTube

Will Smith Shares His Trip To The Zoo On Instagram—And It's Everything We Could've Hoped For

By Vanessa Nix Anthony

If you haven't experienced the online Will Smith Effect yet, strap yourself in because it's coming for ya. 

For those of you who are completely out-of-the-loop, about a month ago, Will Men-In-Black Smith became active on social media in the MOST incredible of ways. Diving in wholeheartedly to both Instagram and YouTube, Smith appears to be just as funny, cool and down-to-earth as you would imagine him to be. 

Kicking things off in Big Willie Style he first set us all aflutter by appearing on Lilly Singh's Superwoman YouTube channel, where he evidently got some excellent Interwebs advice from the BAWSE herself during a hilarious collab video entitled, How to Speak Internet 101.

Now, after some tasty stuff on his gram over the holla!days, Smith is back at it again. This time getting jiggy on IG with a fresh video at the zoo. 

Rowan Jones got in on the action, sharing his own snaps on Twitter of Will hanging out at the zoo: Twitter.