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Source: Twitter / YouTube

Woman Interrupts Wombat Taking Casual Stroll Down City Street—And He's Not Happy About It

By Erica Diaz

Dear wombat lovers, brace yourselves. A grumpy wombat in Australia is winning the internet right now thanks to a video posted on Twitter. Jolene Laverty was out taking a walk through the city when she passed someone on the street who she wasn't expecting to see. 

This guy. Making his way downtown, walking fast... 

Source: Twitter Screenshot

Wombats are night-owls who normally spend their time chilling out in forests far from people, but here was this guy out during the day, surrounded by people. Then here comes Jolene with a camera in his face? He was clearly not thrilled about the situation and had no problem letting her know. People watching the video can absolutely relate. 

Totally us when someone tries to talk to us before our morning coffee.