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Source: Rella Rivera/Rella on the Radio/YouTube screengrab

Young Girl Mistakes Cashier For 'Moana' Character, And He Played Along Perfectly

By Vanessa Nix Anthony

He works as a cashier, but William Va’ana has major star power for sure. Just ask sisters Ryley and Rylyn (8 and 5 years old respectively), of Oahu, Hawaii, who were in Costco with their mom when they spotted the man they thought was Maui from Disney's film Moana

William—who does bear a striking resemblance to Disney's egotistical but lovable hero (voiced in the film by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson)—doesn't hesitate to play along, even calling the kiddos over to loudly perform Maui's signature ‘chee-hoo’ call. 

When the girls' faces light up, there's no doubt he's made their day.