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Source: Twitter

Man Makes A Very Unsettling Point About MySpace And Today's Kids--And We're Upset

By Erica Diaz

If you're in your 30s or 40s there's a high probability you have some fond and super-cringey memories of MySpace. It was the cool kid of social media for several years, wearing the crown long before Facebook. Part of what made MySpace fun was the fact that your home page really could be your space. There were seemingly endless ways to customize what people saw and heard when they went to your page. In a way, you could tell people who you were and what you were all about before they read a single word from a single post. 

But if you're younger than your 30s or so... 

Source: Twitter

Yeah. There's a chance you have no real idea what MySpace was all about or why people were so sucked in by it. But that's okay. Twitter is here to teach you all about the ins and outs of MySpace that you may not get. 

Like how MySpace taught us valuable skills: