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Source: Andia/Getty Images

Pikachu Speaks English In Newest 'Pokemon' Movie And People Are Extremely Weirded Out

By Collin Gossel

For many millennials, Pikachu has been a beloved character and companion since early childhood. Alongside Ash Ketchum, he's fought off countless baddies and starred in a hit television series that's been running since 1997. During that entire time, he's only ever said one word: Pikachu. Like many Pokemon, Pikachu can only say his own name. But, in the newly released Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You! Pikachu departs from convention and, for the first time, speaks. It is incredibly disturbing.

*Warning: This clip contains explicit language and also Pikachu talking*

The experience is so off-putting to long-time fans that Pikachu speaking draws audible gasps, outbursts of "No!" and an exclamation of "what the f***?!"

In many ways, this is a nightmare come to life.