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Source: Twitter

Twitter Users Are Catching Some Laughable 'WWE 2K18' Glitches That Need Ironing Out

By Erica Diaz

New technology is almost always glitchy when it first comes out. This is an unavoidable fact. For a lot of people, that's the reason they won't buy a new phone, gaming system, or video game when it's first released. These people opt to wait a little while and give the manufacturer time to discover the glitches (thanks to the users reporting them) and release patches, updates, and fixes. They know it'll work better if they just wait a bit. 

Life lessons courtesy of Axl Rose:

Then there's another group of people, the brave warriors who want to be the first ones to get their hands on new tech. They embrace the glitch as just another part of the joy of going first. That second group of trailblazing pioneers is who we're going to be talking about. They got their hands on WWE 2k18 and started sharing the glitches they came across. 

Twitter was not disappointed. This user ended up getting John Cena stuck to a couch so the match is just awkward. So very awkward.

Check out that Risky Business style slide in at the end: